Find the ideal Metal Barriers and Bollards for your commercial fencing needs.

Our range of metal barriers and bollards can be used for a number of different applications.

In our selection you can find products such as walling systems, road blockers, and security fencing.

Stronguard Metal Barriers & Blockers

Stronguard Secure Walling Systems are used for internal and external applications. They are ideal for housing utilities such as water meters and gas, and are incredibly effective at preventing entry to secure assets.

Stronguard Protecta-Fence is designed to prevent personnel from becoming electrocuted when touching installations. This type of non-conductive fencing is however extremely effective at preventing unauthorised entry.

Stronguard Mid Range Road Blockers are a safer alternative to many other crash rated blockers on the market and use a one piece full depth skirt to provide adequate pedestrian safety. The Stronguard Shallow Depth Blocker however has a unique folding skirt but offers the same degree of protection as the conventional solid skirted blockers.

For a permanent perimeter physical security solution, Stronguard Invicta is ideal for airfields, power plants and military installations. Stronguard also have the ultimate defence solution against hostile attack. The product named Stronguard Interceptor is manufactured in the UK and provides excellent restraint against heavy impacts.

Stronguard Bollards are ideal for protecting critical national infrastructure from vehicle borne explosive devices. The system is capable of being installed into utility rich, undulating shallow substructure, and has been fully tested at the Transport Research Laboratories.

Bristorm Anti-Terrorist Security Fence

Also fully tested in association with the Transport Research Laboratory is the Bristorm Anti-Terrorist Security Fence. Common applications for this type of fence include banks, airports, and cash collection centres.

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