Metpost Fencing Products Are Industry Recognised

Metpost are one of the leading manufacturers of metal fence posts, post fixings, fence spikes, and gates in the country. They have invented ingenious fencing systems to make putting up your timber or metal garden fence posts much easier. It's no longer a job reserved for the experts!

Fencing doesn’t need to be hard work when you use Metpost.

We Stock A Large Range Of Metpost Products

Among the many useful Metpost products is the patented Metpost wedge grip. This product involves the fence post being inserted into the top and the fence spike is then simply driven into the ground. This can be done easily with a sledge hammer and a driving tool, all available separately from the AVS website.

Working with Fence Spikes

When working with your fence spikes, simply place the driving tool over the flat top of the spike, ensuring that the spike is in an upright position. You then hit down on the driving tool with the sledge hammer. When sufficiently in place, fill around the metpost with concrete or a pre mixed product like Postmix.

metpost bolt down

Metpost also have a bolt down option for installing post where no digging of holes or concreting in is required. You just insert the post into the adjustable metal casing, tighten the screws and bolt the posts into the ground.

Metpost have also designed a wide selection of metal fence posts that are great for garden gates and metal railings and these come in both concrete in spike varieties and bolt down versions.

These metal fence posts come complete with all the fittings to join the mesh to the posts, such as stretcher bars and wire strainers, nuts, screws and bolts. Generally metal fence posts will require a further coat of paint during installation to prevent rusting after prolonged exposure to the elements.

The great thing about this is that any scratches that happen over time can be touched up with black gloss paint making it very easy to maintain and keep looking good as new.

Metpost Installation