Mini Sleepers

Mini railway sleepers are a great way to use these popular landscaping products if you are after something smaller than the average railway sleeper.

As well as being much easier to handle because of their reduced weight and size, you will also have less cutting down to do to complete your gardening project. Mini sleepers are also cleaner than second hand or reclaimed sleepers as they are made from new softwood timber.

Mini Sleepers are a really versatile product and can be used around the garden for path edging or the home for small items of furniture.

You can build amazing furniture using mini sleepers. The shape and size makes them ideal. They are also a very popular choice when it comes to raised vegetable beds for the garden.

Please note that while softwood can be used outside, like most external timber it will last longer if you treat it correctly with the right timber treatment product. Also, to help minimise the chance of your mini sleepers rotting you should ensure that they are placed on top of gravel which will allow water to drain.

If you are using mini railway sleepers to build a raised bed, ensure adequate drainage and line it with a waterproof membrane. This will make an excellent barrier between the mini sleepers and the soil.

AVS hold one of the largest stock ranges of sleepers in the UK. For further advice on using your new mini sleepers and how to get the best from them, contact our expert team – they will be happy to help.