Morticed Posts

Our morticed posts for closeboard fencing are available in timber or concrete options.

Depending on the height of your closeboard fence the mortices are set in a different position to suit each height of feather edge boards.

The timber morticed posts listed here are made to suit a 1.65m feather edge board. If other size fencing is to be implemented we can mortice accordingly in our workshops. In addition we can mortice switch posts to enable you to change the height of the fence mid way.

The morticed concrete posts for closeboard are suitable for the full range for our featheredge. Generally you will want the posts to be 600-750mm longer than the chosen feather edge.

None of our fence posts have been morticed for use with a counter rail, but if you require this it can of course be done in our workshops. It is worth noting that with our concrete mortice posts the counter rail can be wedged in more than adequately. Alternatively, contact AVS and ask for special order posts which will include the counter rail mortice.

Buying the Right Morticed Post

When buying all of the materials for your closeboard fence it is important to buy the right post for the position in the fencing run. We supply end posts, corner posts and intermediates. When handing a post (deciding which side to place the post) you should always look at the good face of the fence i.e. the feather edge. If the end post is on the left it is a left hand.

Positioning corner posts can be a little more tricky. An great tip to make this easier would be to begin by visualising an aerial view of a box. If the feather edge is to be positioned on the inside of the box, then all four corners would be internal corners. If the feather edge was on the outside of the box, all four would be external corners. Intermediates are as suggested the name suggests, are positioned within the fence run.

End closeboard fence posts have stopped mortices in the timber so they give a better finish at the end of your fence run. These can also be used as gates posts, either on their own or within your run.

Morticed Wall Plates

In addition to morticed posts we also offer morticed wall plates to easily enable you to start your fence abutting a wall. The offered 1.8m wall plate can be either hand (positioned either side of the post) as it can be spun accordingly to the hand required. The only time you would need to hand the wall plate is if you had a half round top post. Again, this can be morticed at our workshop to suit.

Further Details

Concrete corner posts are not determined by internal or external to mortices in the centre of the post and can be used for either. Please note due to the construction of the corner mortices are visible on all 4 sides.

The bonus of the timber post, as it is visible from the front, is that it blends in nicely with the rest of the fence. It also breaks up the bays allowing you to counter pail and switch direction. It also means if you stain you fence in the future the post can be stained to the same colour.

Although heavier, the concrete post is deemed stronger than timber as there is no chance of premature rotting.