New Railway Sleepers

Incorporate New Railway Sleepers into Your Garden Design...

New railway sleepers are an excellent way of transforming your garden into the space you've always wanted and because you now have more sleeper options than ever before, the design possibilities really are endless.

Are you looking for a more interesting way of edging around your flower beds but don't want to use standard garden edging and want a look that's just a little bit different? Then new railway sleepers are the answer.

Not only are these new sleepers extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects, but they are also extremely clean compared to the recycled and reclaimed variety. Because these new railway sleepers are not creosote treated like our reclaimed ones it means that they are suitable for use in many more landscaping projects; making them safe and perfect for raised vegetable beds.

raised bed

We even have a specially made jigsaw sleeper, these simply overlap each other at the ends, making the construction of walls or beds an easier job.

If you're feeling adventurous, why not start a sleeper project constructing some new garden furniture, they make great benches and even heavy duty tables!

We are experts in sleepers so are confident you won't be disappointed with these products.

Furthermore, with their outstanding quality and affordable prices the new railway sleepers for sale at AVS really are the must have garden accessory this year. The only limitation is your imagination.