Palisade Boards

Palisade boards are used to make picket fencing; a popular, traditional style of strong, partly open fencing featured in many gardens where privacy is not required but a light and airy feeling are desired. Lower heights are ideal for managing small dogs, children and general demarcation. Available in either a pointed top or round top to suit your project

Unlike picket panels, palisade fence boards allow you to build a fence to suit your requirements.

Could be considered as stronger than pre-made palisade panels, as the rails generally used would be thicker and have the ability to span greater widths; either arris rails or square cut rails ideally would be used, although they would require a little extra skill in fitting.

The Benefits of Palisade Boards

By building the fence on site, as opposed to pre-made panels, there is a greater ability to allow for any sloping or stepping ground conditions.

The fence boards are known as pales or palisades. A round top and a pointed top are popular finishes often chosen for the lower heights of 900mm and 1200mm. For 1.8m high fencing which offers greater security the palisades used are normally flat topped and slightly wider at 100mm wide.


When constructing your own palisade fencing, in addition to your palisade fence boards you will also require ended arris rails and timber fence posts with mortices and fixings.