Paslode is a valued addition to our quality range of power tools and accessory products.

This leading brand is championing the manufacture of quality fixing, fastening and drilling systems that can be used for a multitude of applications. With a wide range of reliable products to choose from, Paslode tools are used by professional trades people and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The History of Paslode

Paslode, who have been around since 1935, launched the UK arm of the professional tools company in 1986. It is one of seven companies that make up ITW’s North American Residential Construction Businesses.

The company founder, industrialist J.W. Leslie, started Paslode to demonstrate Signode Steel Strapping Company products more effectively. Paslode representatives were tasked with going door-to-door to identify likely Signode prospects and sell Paslode products such as stapling hammers and lightweight staplers.

Paslode, which stands for: Packing, Shipping, and Loading Devices, are a company known for innovation. In fact, did you know they introduced the very first pneumatic tool back in 1959?

The development of Paslode’s pneumatic tools line led to further success for the company, making it the industry leader it is today.

Paslode Tools & Accessories at AVS

The powerful nail guns from Paslode's range will significantly reduce the time spent on your fencing and landscaping builds. They are also useful for any job where nailing and fixing on a large scale is required.

Paslode’s development of reliable nail guns and peripherals has played a huge part in shaping the trade industry and how we work.

The emphasis with these products is on speed and increasing the productivity of the user. When compared to traditional nailer methods, using a Paslode nail gun is significantly faster, more accurate and more efficient. This has been tested by the millions of happy Paslode customers all over the world.

So if you want to be able to take on more contracts or just be more efficient, invest in our stunning Paslode products and you can change the way you work for good.

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