Picket Fencing

Choose Picket Fencing for a Traditional Home & Garden Border...

Picket fencing is an incredibly popular style of fence run. Also known as palisade fencing, AVS hold a huge stock of palisade boards in a variety of sizes ready for positioning into your front garden or for any non private demarcation that’s required.

If you are looking for a versatile garden fence that does not detract from the look of your home, choosing a picket fencing panel or individual picket boards from AVS will stand you in good stead and be a quick and easy way of getting 'the look'.

Traditional Palisade Fencing Can Transform Your Home

For many years now picket fencing has been seen as a very traditional type of garden fencing, much like the typical image of a country cottage with the picket in the front garden.

Popularised in America as an idyllic garden accessory, these picket fence panels and palisade boards will enable you to bring that iconic look to your property. Its popularity has continued to grow and has spread across the pond where its style sits very nicely in both the typical English countryside and a more modern suburban street.

A Simple Picket Fence Construction

picket fencing

AVS are experts in fencing materials and we are always happy to give advice on your fence builds. In the case of fully constructed picket panels we recommend picket fencing panels are fixed to timber posts using 65mm nails.

The timber posts need to be dug at least 600mm (2ft) into the ground to support the panel effectively. Consider purchasing the matching picket gate, sold separately, to finish off your garden picket fence.

Picket Fence Runs Look Great In Other Locations Too

Palisade fencing (which is another common name for picket fencing) is frequently used for front garden fencing due to their attractive appearance and the through visibility. However, picket fence panels have a variety of uses and are not simply for a low level front garden fence. You can use these for creating an attractive border around flower beds or trees or around garden swimming pools.

These panels are constructed using pressure treated timber for protection against rot and decay. You can choose to paint or stain these panels to suit your property.

If you are after a more bespoke look, building your picket fencing using individual picket boards could be the perfect solution.