Post & Rail Fencing

Post & Rail Fencing For Domestic Or Commercial Use...

Post and rail fencing is an attractive and traditional style of fencing that has been a staple view in the rural communities of the English countryside. It would make a beautiful addition to your home as well as your field or paddock! Not only is it useful as a fence to restrict animal stock, but also as a simple demarcation of a boundary, or just to restrict pedestrian access.

A Variety Of Different Post & Rail Fences

Post and rail is constructed using solid timber posts and rails and has three main variations known as cleft, half-round and square cut or sawn. While offering a traditional look it can be used for livestock fencing for smaller animals like sheep and goats, when combined with a layer of wire mesh on one side.

AVS can provide all types to suit your needs, nail on rails, morticed post & rail, along with the traditional styles using pricker posts to reduce cost on posts.

Post and rail is often made from chestnut, one of AVS's most popular sellers and the timber we supply is usually sourced and cut locally in Kent or Sussex coppice. This means the trees are allowed to re-grow for future harvesting and hence is a sustainable and environmentally friendly system. This design involves the rail being slotted into a morticed hole within the post.

Square Cut Post & Rail

Square cut post and rail is another popular design. The main feature being the rails that are sawn along the length of the timber giving it a cleaner more rectangular look. With this type post and rail fence, the rails are more commonly nailed onto the face of the posts, but we can produce posts for the rails to slot into; when doing this the end of the rails are usually scarfed to allow both rails to sit in the one hole overlapping each other .

Half Round Post & Rail

Half round post and rail fencing is constructed in a similar way to the square cut design except that the rails are half round and the posts are either full round or half round. Building your half round post and rail fence you can use either peeled and treated posts, which can vary in size from end to end, or machine rounded posts, which have a straight uniform size, can be used according to personal taste. Overall this type of system offers a very attractive fence at a modest budget.

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