Looking for electric fence posts? Then you've come to the right place.

Post selection is dependant on the intended use. Is it permanent or temporary? In either case an electric fence system normally requires two different types of posts; straining posts, used where greater tension occurs in the fence line, such as corners and gates; and line posts, used to support the fence wire between ends and corners.

Spacing of electric fence posts is governed by the electric conductor that is being used. and the exposure of the fence line to wind. Electric tape is particularly prone to stretching in the wind as it has a greater wind resistance than wire for instance.

Electric fencing typically uses fewer fence posts than conventional barbed wire or stock fencing, making it less expensive and easier to install. We have a large selection of electric fence posts including poly posts, which tend to be used for temporary fencing making it quick and easy to put up and take down. Poly posts are available in various heights, suitable for sheep, ponies and horses.

Another alternative would be wooden electric fence posts. These could be round or half round timber posts.