Raised Beds

Raised beds are an easy way to designate an area of your garden to grow specific plants or vegetables. Growing your own with the use of raised beds is an increasingly popular trend among town and country homes alike.

Our vegetable bed kits are ideal for growing your own organic vegetables at home, supplied in a range of sizes to accommodate your individual requirements.

The Benefits of Using Raised Beds

We have raised beds, gardening supplies and bark, which is great for creating a neat looking bed and also has a practical feature of protecting your plants from pests, frost and drying out in warm weather.

Sleepers are ideal for constructing raised beds due to their practical size, natural appearance and longevity. Our vegetable raised beds are sold in a kit form, which gives you all the components you need to construct your raised bed yourself with ease.

Growing your own produce is a cheap way to get fresh, organic food. The cost of seeds is relatively low and you will save time and money travelling to and from the supermarket so often. This is, of course, is only a very small adjustment but over time it can add up. Raised beds have made it even easier to grow your own fruit and veg and there are a number of benefits to doing this in your own garden

Waste from your raised beds can be used for compost at the end of the season, which will then improve growth the following year. Organic compost releases nutrients slowly over a long period of time will help you get the best out of your crops. Growing your own fruit and veg also has personal rewards and is proven to reduce stress.

raised bed instructions

If you would like any advice on building a raised bed using sleepers, or have any questions regarding our vegetable bed kits, we have several resources in our Inspiration and Ideas section. We have raised beds in the gardening section that you can either construct yourself from scratch or buy ready assembled. So try it out today!