Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

Grade A Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

The reclaimed railway sleepers phenomenon exploded several years ago and shows no signs of slowing down. Sparked by a need to reuse and recycle, these sleepers are a simple and cost effective way of breathing life into a product as well as your garden.

Garden landscaping covers so many subjects, and AVS are so passionate about our customers getting the most out of their outside space and giving you the tools and materials to do a great job.

Great Looking Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

With their eye catching rustic looks and unbeatable ground contact durability, due to their creosoted treatment, these reclaimed railway sleepers will last for many years and weathering will only add to their natural charm. If you seek a cleaner look for soil retaining walls then consider over cladding with new treated timber from our fencing range.

Our reclaimed railway sleepers are the Grade A variety which means that they are supplied by the railways and are then sorted and only those deemed to be the best quality are supplied to the customer. We know that our customers expect the best quality so it is our mission to make that happen.

The Many Uses For Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

They are an innovative way of creating soil retention. While being a practical requirement in the garden it can also be used to create an attractive design feature of your flower beds. Use these reclaimed railway sleepers in different sizes and they can help you tidy up borders, giving a neat and well maintained appearance.

So if you are embarking on a new garden project large or small, you are sure to find the perfect reclaimed railway sleepers to suit your needs. Transform your garden today.