Rock Salt

Our rock salt and other snow and ice melting winter aggregates will ensure you make it through the impending cold snap with the minimum amount of fuss.

It happens almost every year and yet it always seems to take the UK by surprise. An overnight build up of snow and ice can have a paralysing effect on our infrastructure, making the smallest of journeys feel like an adventure to the North Pole! This is why it is important to be prepared with a stockpile of rock salt.

Rock Salt - There When you Need It

These products are ideal to work as a preventative to snow and ice build up. If you've caught the weather forecast before you go to bed and hear that the temperature is going to plummet below zero, it might be a good idea to spread a layer of rock salt for gritting your pathway.

What's a bit more likely though, is that you've probably woken up to a thick layer of snow and ice in your driveway or garden path. But you'll be glad to know it's not too late to act.

Spread some of your winter aggregates around and watch it all melt away leaving a safer surface for you to tread on and get to your car.

These ice melting products work by quickly eating through the ice and dissolving it away. AVS stock standard products as well as environmentally friendly mixtures to suit you.

This means that if you need to spread ice melting products in your garden near plants, you are not limited to just using rock salt to get the desired effect. Our specialist Enviro Thaw product will not damage plants like salt can and it works just as fast.

A Multitude of De-Icing Uses

You can use our range of winter aggregate salts to grit your steps, paths, driveways, gardens and roads - all to effectively remove the dangerous slippery surface and to prevent any accidents.

Rock salt and other ice melting products can be stored in for several months, even years in some cases. Just keep the bags dry and you'll be all set. Just don't forget your snow shovel!

So if the weather is starting to take a turn for the worst and a cold snap is imminent, stock up on our rock salts and be prepared.

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Rock Salt

Rock Salt Alternative