Rustic Sleepers

Rustic sleepers are just what you need for your garden if you are looking for the traditional look you get with reclaimed sleepers, that is coupled with a rustic appearance that will give you the look you are after instantly.

You wouldn't know it from just looking at them but these rustic sleepers are made from quality softwood that has also been pressure treated. This means they will last for years to come.

Rustic sleepers have an attractive finish and look great when combined with something from our decorative aggregate range as the contrasting colours and textures bounce off the green of your garden planting.

With the durability of brand new timber, depending on their use, these rustic sleepers have a very long lifespan.

As we know railway sleepers of all types are perfect for creating unique features in your garden and other outside space, such as planters, steps or retaining walls. So get creative and who knows what you could come up with?If you are using these sleepers as a soil retention solution always remember to ensure you have ample drainage and a waterproof membrane to avoid the water sitting against the back of the wall.

You could make a garden seat to put underneath the tree at the end of the garden, or perhaps a table and chairs to place on your patio or decking. There's nothing more satisfying than being able to say that you made something yourself so why not start planning your next project today.