Rutland Electric Fencing

Ever since Rutland Electric Fencing first launched their brand in the electric fencing industry, they have been developing themselves into a market leader.

Manufacturing electric fencing with their customers in mind, they never fail to exceed expectations were providing these materials is concerned.

Why use Electric Fencing?

Electric fences use an electric shock to stop livestock from leaving a pen or crossing a boundary. This type of fencing is also effective at keeping predators away.

Electric fencing is not a cruel treatment, the shock given can range from a minor jolt to deter stock from leaning on fencing to a slightly stronger shock for deterring predators.

The aim of an electric system such as Rutland’s is to protect livestock, humans and crops.

About Rutland Electric Fencing

Rutland are a market leader in electric fencing in the UK who have been in operation since 1973. Their products and expertise ensure that you get the best electric fence possible for your needs.

Rutland work closely with farmers and those working in rural locations to develop electric fencing accessories that are practical and are able to perform in the real world. Rutland Electric Fencing understand that the variable elements of working outdoors can greatly affect any fencing and materials you use. This is why they have taken the time to ensure their products live up to this promise.

The Rutland Range at AVS

AVS are very pleased to be able to offer a huge amount of accessories and fencing materials from Rutland Electric Fencing. We can supply poly posts, batteries, energisers and earth stakes, as well as electric fencing tape, rope and wire to keep your fence working as it should.

When you couple those Rutland Electric Fencing items with our outstanding machined round timber fence posts, you will have a durable and reliable electric fence that will keep your animals and property secure for longer.