Shingle gravel is ideal for a range of garden landscaping uses like decoration around a garden or pond or even for landscaping a driveway.

Shingle is a very versatile product, especially when it comes to its decorative uses. Whether it's for your flowerbeds or driveway, pea shingle has a way of putting that perfect yet simple finishing touch on your outdoor projects.

When used in flowerbeds or pot plants, shingle can act as a type of mulch, which keeps the plants insulated during winter and prevents evaporation of water in summer, keeping moisture in the ground.

Shingle will also help stop weed growth around your plants in an area where you would not want to use a chemical weed killer or preventive. It is especially efficient at this when used on top of a geotextile membrane layer.

You can even use shingle under your garden decking. It is also very popular when constructing a pond as the pea shingle edging will not contaminate the water if they come into contact with each other. Here at AVS we sell 10mm sized pea shingle in a variety of handy sized bags from our 40kg bags to our 850kg bulk sacks.

The 40g bags are perfect for projects around your garden like pathways, edging, under fence posts to help with drainage and flower beds, whereas our huge 850kg bulk bags of pea shingle are ideal for bigger jobs like covering a large driveway or back garden.