Sleeper Screws

Build a Structure That Lasts With Our Sleeper Screws...

Sleeper screws are the essential finishing touch to your railway sleeper project. Want to make sure those sleepers are easy to assemble? Then you need the right tools and fixings for the job.

Are you making some unique furniture for use in the garden? Maybe a table and chairs? Or are you installing the sleepers as a set of attractive steps or submerging them into aggregate or shingle and using them as stepping stones? Whatever the project we have the right sleeper screws for you and each pack contains a free hex head driver.

You may think you can use any screws to secure your garden sleepers but to get the job done fast you will need the correct fittings that are designed for these heavy duty products and for this you need the right sleeper screws.

AVS have a huge range of sleeper screws. Whether you are using softwood, hardwood, new or reclaimed railway sleepers, we have the right fixings for the job in hand. If you are using hardwood sleepers then we have special varieties of sleeper screws that are built to withstand and penetrate the tough timber.

These sleepers screws are longer than your standard fixing and they really need to be because sleepers are generally quite large products. You want something that will make the job of securing sleepers as easy, fast and pain free as possible.

After all, they are going to give you and your loved ones many years of enjoyment and whatever the end use you want to be sure that the new structure is secure./p>

So now you know you can buy everything you could possibly need for your sleeper project, what are you waiting for? Start creating something today!