Smooth Decking Boards

Smooth decking boards look great in your garden. If you are after a clean uniformed look, smooth boards on your decking is a great way to get that. Choose from our range including different lengths, widths, thickness and wood types.

Garden decking is the perfect way to extend your home and can be used all year round. Do you love entertaining with friends and family? Are you an outdoor sort of person and enjoy eating alfresco? Making a deck with our smooth decking boards is the ideal way of creating a comfortable space for you to do this.

Our timber has been responsibly sourced and expertly manufactured to bring you great quality smooth decking boards so start building your new deck and get outside.

Smooth decking boards are those that are not grooved or patterned in any way and have a completely flat surface. However, we do also have a range of reversible decking boards that are smooth on one side and grooved on the other. So you can alternate between the two to get an interesting pattern.

smooth grooved deck board

Because of their flat surface area, smooth decking boards are very easy to maintain and clean. There will be no dirt build up that's too hard to reach with a scrubbing brush and when it comes to you needing to stain or treat the timber this will be easy to do as you have a smooth surface to apply it to.

Get in touch if you need any assistance with choosing the right products for your new decking.