Steel Palisade

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Steel palisade is a popular, strong and durable style of steel security fencing. Its purpose of construction is to provide excellent protection against intruders while maintaining the security and safety of those within its boundaries.

Why Choose Steel Palisade?

Manufactured to prevent climbing and cut-through, steel palisade has the advantage of being able to slope with the ground conditions. The system is suitable for most applications, using different thickness of pales depending on the security required; from schools to public sector areas.

What Options are Available?

AVS supply galvanised steel palisade in all standard RAL colours and they are available in various heights from 1.2 meters to 3 meters. Other sizes are available, as well as tailor made gates so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. The posts are available with welded or slotted fishplates and ground or wall fixings to suit site conditions.

A very popular security fencing option with industrial plants and retail parks, steel palisade is also used around the grounds of schools. We can supply all options of pale toppings including triple pointed, single point, square and round. Triple and single point steel palisade is excellent for added security, acting as a visual deterrent against potential intruders. The square and round options have a more smooth finish and are there for safety reasons.

There are two options of pale profiles for steel palisade. AVS supply a W section which measures 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm. The D section option measures 3mm. All options are manufactured to British Standard 1722 Pt 12.

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