Suitable for Hardwood

Our railway sleeper screws suitable for hardwood are more than up to the tough job of driving though this dense material.

When you are building a structure using hardwood railway sleepers like those made from oak or the reclaimed variety, it is important to choose the correct fixings.

Sleeper screws that are suitable for hardwood are able to drive through the timber much easier than softwood, maintaining the grip for longer.

So if you're building a garden deck out of oak sleepers or are securing a retaining wall with reclaimed ones, make sure you use our railway sleeper screws for hardwood and you won't go wrong.

With our huge range of assorted pack sizes, as well as screw head diameters and lengths, you are bound to find the railway sleeper screws suitable for hardwood right for your project. The sizes range from 200mm - 400mm and pack sizes range from a handy 12 pack to a massive 250 hardwood screw pack. Great for those big landscaping jobs.

The railway sleeper screws suitable for hardwood that we supply have been made using steel that's resistant to rusting. Meaning that the screws will not spoil the look of the sleepers over time.

As well as getting the screws for hardwood in your purchase, in most instances we also include a free driver bit for your drill. This bit will be the perfect shape and size for the screw.

If you need further advice on choosing the right railway sleeper screws for your hardwood sleeper project get in touch with our team.