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Decking is a great way to extend your home out into the garden to create the “outdoor room” that blends interior design seamlessly with the green spaces beyond. Decking provides the horizontal layer. Balustrades are the top rail and the fencing or edging you choose to divide your decking off from the rest of the garden. You don’t have to fence decking at all, but the addition of verticals is a great way to create discreet areas in your garden, which brings an illusion of greater space even to small areas. For some gardeners it’s also a matter of safety. If you’ve got kids running around, a fenced play area can be a reassuring extra for parents. And of course, while you’re enjoying your barbecue with friends, you need something to lean against, and a place to put your wine glass! Our choice of balustrades works with our full decking range, using traditional materials including wood, brass, and rope, and offering a choice of stylish and practical finishing touches to your decking project.

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