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Joist Hangers

Installing your own decking can feel like a big project, but with a few specialist bits-and-pieces it’s not something that should be beyond a competent DIYer. Decking joist hangers are one of the fittings you’ll need to complete your decking properly. Decking joists form the frame on which your decking boards sit. That makes them pretty fundamental to the stability of your decking area. And that means that good joist hangers – metal fittings that secure joists in place – are a must have. We offer great quality joist hangers that work with all our timber sizes and that you can use with confidence. You’ll need a few of these, and our great-value prices mean that you can even afford to add a few spares to your order. See our ranges of decking boards and decking joists too if you’d like AVS Fencing to outfit your whole decking project.

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