Tools & Accessories

Garden tools are an essential part of creating a garden you can be proud of. They also really help you get stuck into those tough jobs that you have been putting off for a while.

Our garden tools are built to last and are designed make your life as easy and safe as possible.

Our selection of garden tools and accessories are second to none. When using these tools, the possibilities are endless. You can tidy up an overgrown tree or bush very easily these days, without the need to hire someone else to do the job. Very important if you want to save money or just prefer a more hands on approach.

Because we often supply to the trade, our garden tools need to be reliable and durable to meet the high expectations from our customers and ensure they last with even the most regular use. We stock a wide range of garden tools and accessories to help with gardening, as well as general DIY tasks around your home, including hammers, cutters, saws, tape measures, shovels, rakes and buckets.

All of our tools are quality assured and whether you are erecting a new fence, decking, landscaping or just doing general garden maintenance, we can supply what you need to make the job as straight forward as possible.

Safety is of paramount importance when working with potentially heavy, sharp or abrasive materials. Make sure you minimize your chance of injury by wearing the right safety equipment. We supply a range of thick gloves, eye wear, dust masks and ear protection which are specifically designed for increasing your safety and comfort when working outdoors.

AVS are proud of the quality and standard of the garden tools that we have on offer. And we are certain you will be just as happy.