Topsoil & Bark

Quality topsoil gets the most out of your garden by promoting growth. AVS topsoil includes organic matter to stimulate plant growth and is supplied in bulk so you can get the large quantities you need at the best prices.

Nutrient dense topsoil can greatly benefit plants and promote healthy growth and strong roots. It is beneficial to giving a boost to both new planting and rejuvenating or simply maintaining existing plant beds.

Bark chippings add a wonderful aesthetic to flower beds or play areas in your garden. We supply Grade 1 bark which means it is specially designed to be used in children's play areas.

It is selected for its durability, relative uniformity and impact absorption properties. Use to surround garden swing sets or slides for extra reassurance of safety.

Bark chippings provide a rustic and visually appealing surface for anywhere in your garden. Use to surround tree bases or entire flower beds for a neater garden look.

Our bark chippings are thick and chunky for a soft finish and are supplied in bulk to give you the most competitive price on a high quality product.

You can also choose Top Soil when looking to change your landscape or better the soil quality in your garden or outside space. Improve the performance of your compost or plant trees, flowers and fruit in your garden, using this superior quality Top Soil.