Trellis & Lattice

Trellis is perfect for creating a green boundary in your front garden, a wall display or even for dividing up your back garden - the possibilities are endless!

Garden trellis panels are also great on their own, creating an open style of garden fencing. The AVS range of trellis panels and lattice products can add style and elegance to your garden, and are ideal as screens, climbing plant supports or as a fence line.

Our Garden Trellis & Lattice Range at AVS

Lattice fence panels are very similar to trellis panels but normally they are constructed from lengths of timber arranged in a diamond shape. The spacing of the battens may vary with trellis panels and lattice and some provide larger or smaller holes, which is great if you are after slightly more privacy in your garden.

Trellis and lattice is often used as a topping to a panel fence. They add extra height and improve the overall appearance of the fence line, especially when post caps and finials are used as well.

Our trellis panels and lattice are available in treated softwood and can easily be stained or painted to match your existing garden theme. The term heavy duty is determined by the batten size, normally 19 x 38mm.

Fixing Trellis and Lattice Panels to a Wall

fixing trellis to a wall

Trellis panels and lattice should be installed between posts or on to a wall or fence line and can be attached to the fence posts by simply nailing through the side battens into the post.

The suggested size of nail would be the 65 x 2.65mm nail, which we provide. Fence panel clips can also be used to attach trellis and lattice between posts. For attaching trellis panels or lattice flat onto walls, pre-drill holes and use hammer fixings.

How to Install Trellis Instructions