Weld Mesh

Galvanised weld mesh fencing can be used for any number of outdoor applications, from securing small animals in your garden, to complimenting a timber post and rail system around a field.

Just like our popular chain link supplies, wire mesh is available in a green PVC or plain galvanised finish.

Weld Mesh for Industrial and Domestic Purposes

Our weld mesh rolls also come in a variety of lengths that are just as suitable for industrial size jobs as they are for more domestic purposes, in particular our heavy weld mesh range. As well as this, we always have in stock rolls of light weld mesh that are ideal for building your own aviaries for pet birds that are kept in the garden.

This popular product is one of our most versatile and is well equipped to perform in all weathers.

Generally speaking, heavy weld mesh is a more rigid material and less prone to damage. This style of mesh is a great choice when constructing a security fencing system.

Strong and Secure

The security aspect of weld mesh is enhanced due to the strong toughened steel that it has been constructed with. During tests, weld mesh has been proven to be very difficult and time consuming to cut through. Weld mesh fencing will give you both a physical and psychological deterrent to potential trespassers.

Our mesh range includes various sized gauges and holes, suitable for any purpose. The joins have been expertly welded and made using galvanised materials that continue to perform in wet weather conditions.

So if you're looking to secure a property or simply create a new home for your birds, this strong and unobtrusive type of chain link fencing would be ideal.