Wire Strainers & Gripples

Our wire strainers and gripples are ideal for all types and sizes of wire fencing including mild or high tensile steel wire. These tools can be used on plain, barbed or electric wire and on all types of stock fence.

Ideal for use at installation and fast and economic for fencing repairs, gripples and wire fencing strainers are up to five times faster than traditional methods can be re-tensioned year after year. This means you can get even more work done in the same amount of time.

These handy products are installed simply by pushing each end of the wire to be joined into either side of the gripple. A tool can then be used to pull the wire tighter together to gain tension on the wire, available separately from our website.

Fencing wire strainers are ideal products that are used to tension steel wires used in the the rigging of fences and signs. Gripples and fencing wire strainers save you having to splice wire for farm fencing and provide a quick repair. The gripple starter kit also contains a wire straining tool.

Plain wire can be installed in a variety of ways using our fencing wire strainers. It can be tied and stapled to a timber post, it can be tied and tightened using eyebolts with concrete posts, it can be strained using ferrule winders on angle iron. So if you're planning on a new wire fence build or are repairing an older one, choose from our range of fencing wire tensioners and strainers to keep your build in great condition.