Wire, Tape & Rope

Electric fence wire is important because it conducts the electric current from the fence energiser all along the fence.

The type of wire you need will depend on many factors, including the height of the fence posts. The height and spacing of the wires will vary with the animal being protected and contained.

We have a wide selection of electric fence wire ranging from high tensile steel, stranded steel and high-density polyethylene strands woven with stainless steel wire. AVS also stock other products including poly wire, poly tape and poly rope. These combination poly wires provide the lightweight, durable and easy-handling qualities of UV protected polyethylene.

Our electric fence tape is a very good alternative to electric fence wire and is particularly popular with horse owners. There is a white option, essential if increased visibility is important, or a green option which is great for having your electric fence blend into the background.

We recommend only using green tape in front of an existing border, such as a hedge or fence. When tape is being used as the only border, such as to separate paddocks in an open field, white tape is recommended for maximum visibility to the animal.

Poly wire is a good choice for temporary fences as it tends to be more visible than steel electric fence wire. It is lightweight thus making it easy to handle, install and rewind when used as a portable fence.

Poly rope has less visibility than tape but is more durable, making it a good choice for a fence line particularly in exposed areas. It is stronger than poly wire and has stainless steel strands woven through the rope. The smaller surface area means it is less affected by windy weather and the construction of the rope means it is very strong.

Electric Fence Wire Spacing Guides

For Cattle:

electric wire guide

If you are using your fence to secure both fully grown and younger animals, you will need electric fence wire at the nose heights of both the smallest and largest.

How to Determine the Field Perimeter Length

Field Size in acres Fencing Length Required (m)
¼ acre 127
½ acre 180
¾ acre 220
1 acre 255
2 acres 360
3 acres 441
4 acres 509
5 acres 569
10 acres 805
20 acres 1,141
40 acres 1,609