Wooden Fence Posts

The wooden fence posts here at AVS come in a wide range of sizes to suit different needs and every possible wooden fencing application imaginable.

Timber posts are the backbone of strength to your garden fencing and therefore it is essential that you choose your wooden fence posts from a supplier you can trust.

Wooden Fence Posts for Different Purposes

Available to purchase in a blank form or morticed and topped in our workshop to suit your needs, our wooden fence posts can be used for all fence lines from post and rail fencing, livestock and all garden/demarcation wooden fencing. Our softwood wooden fence posts are made from kiln dried treated timber to ensure a long life. And to top that off all of our sawn softwood fence posts come with the AVS 15 year anti rot guarantee.

If peace of mind is important to you and you have new wooden fencing to build or are replacing it after storm damage, choose wooden fence posts from AVS every time.

The most common garden fence height is 1.8m (6ft) and the minimum fence post length for this height will be 2.4m (8ft). If you are planning on using a gravel board, a trellis or stepping on sloping ground, remember to allow for this and use a longer timber post. A minimum of 600mm (2ft) of the wooden fence post needs to be embedded into the ground.

Concreting in Wooden Fence Posts

Concreting in wooden fence posts can be done with either a mixture of ballast and cement, at a ratio of approximately 6:1, or the pre-mixed compound post mix. The amount required of either product depends on the size of the hole that the timber post is going into.

Remember not to pour concrete underneath the wooden fence post, just around the base. This is because concrete can trap water. If this happened it can greatly increases the chance of the timber decaying.

If the ground the wooden fence post is sunk into does not contain free draining soil then we advise that a small layer of shingle be placed under the fence post, with the post still sunk approximately 600mm into the ground, to help drainage occur.

Concreting in is not suggested for use with pointed wooden fence posts, where a backfill and ram technique is recommended.