Wooden Field Gates

Wooden field gates are an instantly recognisable iconic design classic that frequents the English countryside. Their popularity has not waned partly due to their natural look that subtly blends into their surroundings. We have available an extensive range of wooden field gates in both hardwood and softwood versions, all of which have been pressure treated for long lasting durability that makes them ideal for field entrances where they could be susceptible to adverse weather conditions.

The pressure treatment process, which most of the timber from AVS goes through, forces wood preservative right into the centre of the timber. This means that when the wooden field gate comes into contact with moisture it will not penetrate into the wood, thus preventing deterioration and lengthening its life. Also, our suppliers only use sustainably sourced Iroko hardwood which is an extremely strong timber from Africa and strong softwood pine.

The exclusive design of these field gates is traditional and ideal to create either rural or urban elegance. Whether your chosen gate is pressure treated or hardwood they will blend well into their surroundings.

Our wooden field gates come in two ranges, both available between 900mm, 3.6m (3ft & 12ft) wide. Most of our gates come in both right and left handing options, including the Somerset and Estate gate. Estate field gates are crafted from durable pressure treated or hardwood timbers.

These gates have a very smooth opening action which makes their operation much easier, especially if you are working on a busy farm or the gate is in use frequently. Our range of field gates are manufactured by the prestigious A J Charlton & Son, who are the UK’s leading producer of quality field gates.

Wooden field gates are extremely popular as they are cost effective and extremely durable. AVS also have a large selection of hardwood timber field gates and metal field gates available to order today with delivery direct to your door.