Wooden Gate Posts

Wooden gates posts are the essential supporting structure of your gates. You have a number of options when it comes to materials, but this selection of timber gate posts are just as strong as their metal counterparts.

Our attractive and functional range of wooden gates posts are made using expertly kiln dried pine. Pine is a quality softwood which is extremely durable when pressure treated.

If you are hanging a driveway gate or field gate where strength is especially important, these wooden gates posts really are the smart choice. We have a range of sizes available, which will suit the wide variety of gate heights on the market.

AVS are very proud of our range of oak gate posts, which are some of the strongest available. Their natural denseness means they do not require pressure treatment. We would recommend you use these wooden gate posts when hanging heavy entrance gates.

Due to the fact it is important to keep only fresh oak posts, we only stock the most popular sizes. If you are looking for a wooden gate post of a different size, just get in touch! We offer an expert timber post cutting service where you choose the size and we can produce it on one of our own AVS sites.

You will be very impressed by the quality of our gate post range, including our sawn wooden gate posts which we have every confidence in. Backed by our 15 year guarantee against timber rot, you can share that confidence.