Wooden Gravel Boards

Wooden gravel boards have two uses – they can be used to increase the height of a fence while also acting as an all important barrier between the main part of the fence and the ground.

Sometimes referred to as a kick board, the wooden gravel board can even add a smart look to a standard timber fence run. We have a large selection of sizes as well as brown and light brown (green) colour finishes to suit your current fencing.

Installing your Wooden Gravel Boards

When installing your wooden gravel boards you’ll need to use a small product called a cleat. Cleats are small blocks of wood, available in different sizes depending on either the post size or gravel board height. The cleat needs to be nailed to the post at the required depth from the face of the post.

This is usually about 22mm to allow the wooden gravel board to be flush with the face of the post on closeboard, but this is down to personal preference when it comes to panels. The gravel board is then nailed at a diagonal using the cleat as a block/support, as the nail will go slightly through the cleat but also in to the post for strength. AVS recommend you use 65mm nails when attaching cleats and gravel boards.